Boss needs help – HVAC maintenance

My boss is such a mess. He’s a really great guy with a ton of creativity and intelligence, but he also has a procrastination streak that gets in the way of successfully running a business. Rather than thinking ahead and making sure he’s getting things done ahead of time, he’s always running late. Most of his work is completed days or weeks after it should have been done. This makes my life pretty difficult and hard to plan, since I never know when my work is going to be derailed with an unforeseen task. This brings me to my main point; I have become and HVAC maintenance expert in the past week or so. Last week I was at work, minding my own business, when suddenly the indoor air began to feel very hot and stagnant. I noticed that the cooling system wasn’t running, and no matter what I did to the thermostat there was no change from the AC unit. I asked my boss if there was a problem with the central cooling system and he turned around wide-eyed. “I never arranged the HVAC maintenance,” he said, slamming his forehead with his palm. Apparently the old cooling system had been in place for 20 years so far. When they bought the building he intended to have the central heating and cooling system fully replaced, but never got around to it. He also never remembered to call out the local cooling specialist to inspect the AC unit or ductwork. As such, our AC unit had been struggling for the past 5 years before breaking down that fateful day. As my boss’s right hand man, that meant I got to drop everything and seek out professional cooling system repair and maintenance contracts all last week. At least someone is watching out now.

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