Camping and a/c in the woods

I really enjoy taking trips into the wilderness, but in the part I am from, we have some charming mountains and green hills. In this part it is the perfect place for camping and hiking. It is also nice just to take in the all the lovely air quality that nature gives off, life can be a breeze occasionally, ya know? One thing when you are in this atmosphere in the Summer season is that it feels like you have new home made and natural undefined. It is not the type of air that comes out of a general heating and cooling plan clearly, however here in the wild it is just like having a heating and cooling system, with strictly just undefined! And plus this, because the air quality is so fresh and natural it is like having a free of charge new homemade a/c unit with an air purification unit in it! And honestly, I know the fresh scrub air here even beats out the actual Heating and A/C systems with the media air cleaners in them! You really can not beat something like this for anything. I absolutely know that since Heating and AC technology is advancing so quickly, that the heating and cooling dealers need to look into a way to bring this fresh air into a full on heating and cooling device for sale! Sure, it may be entirely  pricey for something like this; But the rich will like it, I am sure they would sell prettywell, and that various who are poor will take out loans just to get that latest Heating and AC technology! Still, we can all dream am I right?