Career change towards HVAC

Last April, my best neighbor told me all about a great job offer. At the time, I was working at my own job in addition to good want to make any real changes. After some management changed hands at our company, I immediately started to believe that all of my friends and addition to myself would be absolutely better off in a different type of job setting. My best neighbor was happy to still help me out by telling me all about this new job. I absolutely had to place an application, in addition to the fact that it took several days before I could find an interview. The job was at a furnace in addition to cooling component business. They needed someone to answer the phones in addition to schedule appointments. I had just the right amount of service experience to handle the job at the furnace in addition to cooling component. All my friends in addition to myself were absolutely surprised that the job was still available, but thankfully they had a few employees that didn’t work out very well. Now my friends in addition to myself all work together in the same furnace in addition to pulling component business. It’s pretty awesome to spend the day together, in addition to the fact that we aren’t even working that hard. We schedule some appointments for the repair team, in addition to they let us know if there are anything that they need to add in those calls. The heating in addition to cooling industry is pretty interesting, and I am having a lot of fun.

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