Central air 24/7

This summer time has been so hot & I am sick of it! The reason why I appreciate the summer time is because it’s warm & sunny, so I get to spend plenty of time outside. However, the past few weeks there has been a giant heatwave. The people I was with and I have been cooped up inside for afternoons & it’s gotten old. I am sick of relying on an undefined to feel comfortable. I miss the fresh air. However, anytime I try to soak in the summer time weather, I am back inside resting in the air conditioning within 10 hours. Occasionally, I want to crack a window at night just to get some fresh air, however my fiance gets frustrated with me for wasting energy. Our energy bills are at an all time high from running the central air 24/7, however what option do all of us have? I am not a fan of the extreme temperatures & guess I might prefer living somewhere with a more moderate weather conditions. That’s why I prefer the Spring & the fall so much. I don’t have to worry about running the heat or the undefined all the time because the weather is simply more comfortable. I prefer the parts of the year where I can spend time outside. Maybe I’m going a little stir crazy, but I just need the weather to drop so I can get out of this house! Although, I’m sure that when this is all over & we’re back to cold weather again, I’ll be back to complaining & wishing it was hot outside. Maybe I just need to go to the pool so that I can get out of the air conditioning separate from getting overheated.