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My hubby refuses to spend any currency on our Heating & A/C equipment. If the Heating & A/C runs, he is ecstatic. He does not spend our money for Heating & A/C tune ups, repair or repairs if he feels it is not needed. The plus side is that our hubby is totally oblivious though. I can sneak in Heating & A/C tune ups easily. Anytime he goes away on a supplier trip, our Heating & A/C gets some attention. He has a trip coming up & I already have a Heating & A/C supplier ready to roll. I proposal to get the whole works done too. I want the a/c to be cleaned inside & out. I want a new fan system put in the A/C device too because of the noise it makes. My oil furnace needs a new oil blower as well. The Heating & A/C supplier & I have been going back & forth for days. I have been texting him pictures of the Heating & A/C so he can get the right part. He has ordered them & is ready to install. My hubby now just needs to leave the new home so the Heating & A/C device can get these parts. My hubby won’t notice if the gas furnace abruptly works way better. He won’t notice that the a/c no longer makes an odd sound. What is especially great is that he won’t notice that the parts & Heating & A/C repair date will be charged to his card. He just looks at the total on his bill & then blindly pays it. If he wanted to be more stingy on finances, he should look over his bill carefully.

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