Climate control settings

With how early I always have to get up for classes, periodically I wish that the college morning would start a little bit later on, but first of all, it’s oftentimes far too cold early in the morning. There is nothing I despise more than being out in the cold temperatures just waiting for the bus to arrive. At least the bus driver will keep the heating plan cranked up, however if all of us didn’t have to go to college before the sun rises, it wouldn’t be so cold! I have also studied a little about the benefits of going to college classes later in the morning and studies recommend this would allow students to get more needed rest. It would entirely help teens like myself and others like natural sleep cycles which is much healthier than waking up too early to get ready for college! Ultimately with better amounts of sleep, you could achieve better academic performance and rely on caffeine less throughout the afternoons, however of course, a disadvantage would be getting back home much later in the morning and then having less time to do home labor and other various activities. I believe instructors shouldn’t give such giant  amounts of home labor anyway. Occasionally I will have to stay up certainly late trying to finish various assignments which always makes myself and others get less sleep. I couldn’t even imagine trying to labor a task with all these home labor assignments. Most of the time I will adjust the temperature control settings so the HVAC will be working while I get started on my homework. The HVAC helps myself and others keep focus on my work. With all the homelabor I get, it will take many hours for myself and others to finish. In between I will eat lunch and then get back to my air conditioned home environment and finish my homework.

HVAC workman