Controlling the system from the app

When it is time to show my girlfriend just how much I care about her, or to say happy birthday or get well soon, I always visit my local flower shop! Here in my town, our local shop is called the bouquet shoppe.  Then so I go there to get my girlfriend a nice bouquet of flowers when I want to express my love, or when it is her birthday or she’s not feeling well. Everytime I walk into this spacious venue, the air quality is so insanely nice! It is unlike any indoor air quality I have ever experienced before in my short life. I finally decided to ask the worker in the shop what they used to get that fresh and cleaning odor, and the incredibly nice air quality, and they told me it was a special heating and A/C device they had installed which can do both of your basic heating and cooling tasks, as well as coming with a central air purifier and a central dehumidifier. This system connects to the heating and A/C air vents in the shop making a wonderful form of consistently clean and crisp air quality to keep the flowers fresh and smelling amazing. The worker also told me it is their way to keep the potential purchasers in the shop a lot longer so they may buy something if just browsing around a bit longer than usual. I never realized that a large air purifier, or even a general HVAC system could undoubtedly be used as a sales tool like that. It’s like talking about magic if you ask me! But, one thing I will say is for sure, that is one smart way to keep the beautiful flowers so nice and fresh, because my girlfriend is always over the moon with what I get her here every single time. And the bouquet shoppe is always my one stop store to say “I love you dearly.”

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