Current HVAC is too old

One of the bigger challenges I’ve ever had to tackle as a homeowner is the seemingly ongoing process of picking appliances for your home! It always starts small, like any process does – first you’re buying a new washer & dryer combo device for your clothes because the 1 you inherited from your parents 9 years ago has finally died. Then, from there, you’ll buy a new microwave, however it’s going to be this fancy high-efficiency microwave, as you’ve realized how much power the microwave uses just to heat up your breakfast! Before you notice it, an entire ensemble of home appliances is being obtained during a renovation project, & you’re seeing so all these energy ratings that you’re not sure which is which anymore. Then, as complex & complicated as all that can be, nothing compares to the intricacies of buying a new heating & air conditioner system for your home! For me, that was a complete full year process, as I had to get quotes for air condensing & compressor units, & as well price estimates for delivery & upgrade. The same also had to be done for the new gas furnace, & that wasn’t even initiated until we knew what kind of device we wanted! On top of this, I also had to substitute practically all of my home’s HVAC duct work due to infestations, poor patch jobs, & general wear & tear through all the years. I couldn’t just say I wanted new HVAC duct though – I as well had to choose either fiberglass ducts, or instead a small circular metal HVAC duct that circulated the air faster but leave myself and others prone to blockages & debris buildup. The icing on the cake was picking a new control unit, as there are literally hundreds of devices on the market, but decisions, decisions!

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