Cute a/c contractor

My friends and I have numerous jobs that make us money, but the one that is legal is working inside of the tattoo parlor. The tattoo parlor open up several decades previously, when some friends of mine needed to make use of a lot of money. Myself and even a couple of other people were interviewing for the manager job, but we all know that was going to go to Carol anyways. Carol was believing that she had this spunky and enjoyable personality, and at least she let myself and a few others work alongside her. I really enjoyed the time in that tattoo shop, until she made me work every weekend. Now it’s been numerous weeks and there is certainly nothing that makes anyone a happy to come by this place anymore. At least the heat pump and air conditioning equipment have been giving us some problems, which means that Paul has to come by to check on the problem. Paul is the name of the son of our business owner and every one of my friends and I certainly think he is a cute cat. He comes down to look at the air conditioning equipment, whenever my co-workers and I Lodge a formal complaint. Carol. Don’t like to do anything about the problem, but at least we get to see and talk to Paul on some of those weekend days. My friends and some of us are going to look for different jobs to make some side cash, but it seems like this hustle is going to be the only good thing about working here. Thank goodness the air conditioning repair person has nice muscles.

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