Did we forget the HVAC tune up?

The other day, I went to our friend’s place to hang out. However she was having a little get-together as quite a few people were there. Pretty much everybody brought their own drinks including me, however our neighbor plus her fiance were supplying the food, and the food was honestly to die for… I wish I could cook food that was so delicious! It was fantastic just hanging out however it was a scorching hot day outside. The air conditioner in the house was easily blasting, however it felt just right, well, after a while the air conditioner plan just stopped laboring entirely, but my neighbor went to check her thermostat and then looked around at everybody. The whole party looked at him wondering what she was going to say. Was the HVAC plan broken? Did she forget to get her HVAC plan check up? What was it? She then said the HVAC plan was dead, plus everybody became sad realizing the the get-together was basically over at this point. That’s when she said she was just joking plus that she simply forgot to switch out the batteries to the thermostat! The whole party laughed and there was a look of relief on people’s faces. Nobody was ready for this get-together to be over just yet! My neighbor abruptly upgraded the batteries in the thermostat and then before the people I was with and I knew it, the cooling system came roaring back on through the HVAC vents. I was chatting to the neighbor a little later plus said she got everybody real good. She said she already knew when the cooling unit had stopped that the issue couldn’t have been extreme because she consistently had her regular HVAC plan service taken care of.