Doing all the repair work

When our daughter told us that they were house hunting I was really surprised. They’ve only been married a couple of years and we figured that they would wait at least a couple before they decided to make the leap into home ownership. What really surprised us was the fact that they were looking for not only a place for themselves to live but a place that would have a apartment attached to it as well. This meant that they would not only be home owners but landlords as well and this concerned me slightly. Only income property can be wonderful as far as the cost Factor but it can also mean a headache when it comes to maintaining both your own home and that property. We tried to caution them on the fact that they would need to keep at least a few thousand dollars in the bank at all time so any Appliance breakdowns or major repairs to the rental unit could be done in a timely manner. Problem with many of the doubles for sale in our area is that the sellers try to hide any major problems with cosmetic improvements. They don’t necessarily disclose problems with things like the HVAC system or the ventilation system. We made sure to tell our daughter and her husband to have the inspector check those out thoroughly before they even put in a bed as those can be very costly repairs that need to be done right away. Replacing a window or painting your room can be done over time but you can’t spend the winter without heat and neither can your ¬†tenants.

HVAC tune-up