Doing my own a/c repair

I’ll never forget the time when I went on vacation with my daughter.  The two of us were in this lovely home that was near the beach. I decided to stay back at the home one day, while she took the youngsters plus went to the beach to do some fishing.  I called the rental office because the cooling system had quit working, while I was doing laundry. It wasn’t until an hour later that I found out that the lack of cooling system was all my fault.  I had been doing the laundry plus the warm water heater, plus the breaker box were in the laundry area. I didn’t even realize it was the breaker box, because it was behind a potted plant. I saw a small handle sticking out plus I hung my laundry detergent on the handle.  Unfortunately, this was the lever to shut off the electricity when you left the house, after vacation. I had already called the rental office about the cooling system, plus I was too embarrassed to call them back plus tell them that I had shut off the A/C when I used the power shut off lever, to hang up a wet piece of clothing.  I flipped the power back on plus I could hear the cooling system plus thewarm water heater, start to run again. Two hours later, the handyman showed up. I apologized for what I had done, plus for wasting her time. She began to laugh. She said that this happened at least once every summer, plus she had already suspected that was the A/C problem.

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