Drive in with good heating

When I took my man to the drive-in movie theatre just the other weekend, we experienced a serious issue! My heating appliance in the car actually failed on me! Well happily, we had a thick blanket in my car… I was happy with myself that I thought to have that blanket, because the two of us would have been unquestionably freezing in the car separate from the heating appliance working. It was incredibly hard not having that hot air flowing from the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C vents, however there was nothing but cold air! I was definitely lucky it wasn’t colder than it was though, because I wouldn’t have been able to defrost the windshield if necessary. I was asking my friend what he thought about my car the next day! He said that the heater core entirely had to be swapped out. So I made the decision to take my car to the auto service shop, plus sure enough the heater core was definitely bad plus they had it replaced. It’s not the easiest part to get at in the car, so the task was definitely costly. I was just blissful when the heating appliance was working again in my car. I told my man about it plus he laughed plus said we should go to the drive-in again this upcoming weekend. I genuinely look forward to the occasion! I don’t expect to have any more issues at all with the climate control system, so the two of us would be nice plus toasty in my car enjoying the movie! Honestly, as long as the climate control is working great in my car, I could entirely do this every weekend!

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