Early mornings call for heating

There are genuinely few things in life as perfect plus lovely as a sunrise… It is one of the biggest reasons why I moved out here to the coast, just so I could start off every day with that perfect moment. I just love the way the colors bleed out from the horizon, reds plus oranges plus buttery golds, is unlike anything else on earth. I have a porch overlooking the ocean, and it looks right out west so I have the perfect viewpoint of it al. The only issue I ever have with it is that sometimes it is a little bit cold in the afternoons when I’m out there. You can feel the stiff wind coming off the water. I thought about putting in a fireplace, or a fire pit, but that seemed a little too much work for me. I would have to get up early to get a fire started just to have proper heating for the sunrise and I’m not a morning person. Instead, I decided to buy a small space heater, 1 that could heat up in a matter of minutes! So now I wake up, pour a cup of coffee, put on my cozy robe, and put my deck chair right up next to the space heater. The heating coil will project warmth for only a few feet, but that is all I really need! When it starts to get a little warmer, as the Summer approaches, I will pack up the space oil furnace and place it into the attic. In the meantime, this thing is so small plus portable, it packs such a punch of heat, that our afternoons are perfect when we are out there almost every day.

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