Energy saving help

About two days ago, I was at a gathering with some friends! Both of us were all relaxing plus having some drinks. Somehow, the topic of conversation went to how much both of us were paying for our monthly bills; All of our buddies were bragging how they had low cost monthly bills because of their secrets to keeping up their Heating plus A/C systems! This was kind of discouraging myself and others because I was asking about what the secrets were to keeping up Heating plus A/C units, and nobody wanted to tell me, eventually I decided I was going to leave because I was interested in this stuff since the biweekly bills were super costly however nobody bothered to fill myself and others in… One friend of mine didn’t want me to leave and said they were just joking, and she explained some energy saving tips that were fairly simple to follow. She said that to ultimately save energy, you need to take proper care of your Heating plus A/C equipment. She said that you can achieve this mainly by decreasing the air filter properly every month, but i couldn’t assume these ‘secrets’ were as easy as lowering the air filter. She was saying that a lot of people fail to do just that plus it’s the most pressing thing you can do for your system. It keeps the dirt and random debris from entering your Heating plus A/C device which allows the idea to run smoothly and efficiently. It really made sense the way she explained it to me to be honest. She also said it was pressing to get respected Heating plus A/C tune-ups plus service appointments at least three times per year. She said the best times to get the tune-ups were before the Winter time and Summer seasons, but when I l gained the ‘secrets’ to energy savings, I was able to take it easy plus enjoy my night.

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