Everyone is so friendly

It had been one of those Summers where it just seemed to be sizzling and hotter every afternoon.  It was the type of weather where it was all the talk for older guys over drinks at the local coffee shop. And wouldn’t you know it, on the hottest afternoon so far that Summer, the central A/C at my condo stopped working altogether! The outside component that I had installed just would not start up. I had to call a local HVAC company for help and in a matter of hours a repair van was in the condo parking lot. After he checked this and that, he told me the awful news, the compressor on the A/C unit I now had needed to be upgraded. He stated that this was an important part of the outside unit and was one of the first things that can malfunction with aging Air Conditioning systems. The compressor is the component that pushes the refrigerant through the coils of the system and when air flows over the cool coils A/C is born! He had all of the tools that he needed in his van and immediately started to work to upgrading the compressor. I was somewhat curious and watched over his shoulder for a few hours then once I saw that I was kind of making him nervous, I went back inside. Thankfully, within a couple of hours he had the compressor fixed and I could hear the return of the welcome humm from the outside component. We both were able to feel the cool air flowing from the air vents and cooling down the house. The HVAC serviceman also told me that compressor work was one of his most frequent upgrades.The wonderful news was that it was even cheaper to upgrade the compressor than to upgrade the whole unit. Here’s to having a long, sizzling but cool inside Summer season!  

HVAC tune-up