Forgot about HVAC maintenance

When I first rented a home, I will admit that I had some severe concerns with keeping it scrub and well-inspected… My landlord would come around every so often to check on things;  she was a shrewd individual. Luckily, she would give me at least a morning’s notice, and that would be when I would frantically get to work trying to scrub up the beach house as much as possible… I will admit that the location ended up looking pretty spiffy by the time I was done–which was shortly before she ended up walking through the door, mind you! But there are some things that you just can’t fake. Like the times that I would forget to change the air filter for far too long and the air quality in the beach home was clearly hurting.  Immediately my landlord seemed to be able to detect whether or not I had been taking nice care of the Heating and A/C system. If I did not know any better, I would say that she had prior experience as an Heating and A/C professional! Despite her obvious proclivity for such things, I was the 1 who was entirely responsible for keeping the Heating and A/C program well-inspected. Then I finally l gained our lesson when the temperature control program finally conked out on me 1 sizzling Summer morning. I shelled out a nice bit of currency to get it going again, and from that point forward, I vowed to take care of it and officially change those air filters! I was content, our landlord was content, and life was easier.

HVAC update