Furnace maintenance

My wife and I got married in the middle of the winter. We both really love the cold weather and the snow! The only problem is that celebrating our anniversary can sometimes be a little difficult. When there’s a snowstorm or the temperatures outside dip below 10 degrees on our anniversary, the last thing we want to do is go outside or go out to eat. For the past two years, we ended up staying home and enjoying the heat of our brand new gas furnace and wood fireplace. This year, I had big plans to go to a new Indian restaurant in town because it was our 5 year anniversary and Indian food is our favorite. The day of our anniversary, however, there was a huge snowstorm and it was just 5 degrees outside that night. I told my wife that we were going to go anyway. She seemed reluctant to go outside and I was afraid that I was going to ruin the day by making her go outside in the cold, but we someone made it to the restaurant. When we walked in, we were pleasantly surprised to feel the nice warm air. The restaurant had their furnace system on full blast and it was wonderfully cozy and warm. We sat in the corner of the restaurant and ordered a three course meal along with tea and dessert. We talked for hours while enjoying the restaurant’s amazing furnace system. We didn’t want to leave! From now on, we vowed to always try to go out for our anniversary, no matter how cold it is outside!

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