Get that Ductwork Cleaned

Have you ever thought about how dirty and dusty your HVAC system can get? Think about it for a minute. The intake system sucks in air from your house all day long. You know what is in that air? Dust,l dog hair, dander, dead pest carcasses, dead skin cells you flake off, and any number of microscopic and larger debris. If you hate cleaning, like I do, there is something you can do to reduce the amount of dust that settles in your house. Get that ductwork cleaned! Getting the ductwork cleaned is one kind of cleaning that everyone expects you to get done professionally. I also understand that getting the ductwork cleaned once a year or so will also help people who might have asthma, allergies, other breathing difficulties, or even chronic cough. I am in favor of that, since I once suffered from what the doctors called chronic bronchitis. Not only will regular HVAC ductwork cleaning reduce the amount of dust and pet dander and such in your house, thus providing you with good indoor air quality, it will also improve the efficiency of your furnace or air conditioner. That translates into saved money and a more comfortable environment. It just makes sense that the less gunky stuff your heated or cooled air has to travel through, the less hard your system will be forced to work. So, even though at first I did not like the idea of having one more thing to clean, I am now a fan of getting the ducts cleaned professionally each year.