Getting my stuff organized

What is your biggest fear in life? Is it heights? Being murdered? Spiders? Well, those would be some pretty usual things that people are afraid of, anyways, and personally, our biggest phobia is becoming an old man. There are so several aspects that frighten the crap out of me. I don’t want to need Viagra, or to see our skin get all papery plus thin. I don’t want to watch all my friends dying around me from freak medical incidents. I also don’t want to live in a nursing home alone plus forgotten. I know it’s been all of these ideas floating around in our head that recently inspired me to quit our task, abandon my house and city, plus beginning a new life. I believe it’s for the best. For 25 years, I’ve been slaving away in the financial industry, but not anymore. My new way of earning a living is a little cooler. I’m going to school to become a central cooling plus AC specialist in this new place I have moved to! I made the decision as I was driving away from my previous family home, various states away at this point, plus passed by a big billboard that spoke to me about a brand new Heating & Air Conditioning certification program. Well, I figured that was as positive a locale as any to put down new roots, plus I pulled over the car. I rented an apartment, plus signed up for and bought the books for the Heating & Air Conditioning trades school the really next afternoon. The HVAC course of study is an 18 month program, and once I’ve completed the book work, I’ll test for our heating plus cooling specialist level I certification. Then I should be a prime candidate to become a ventilation intern at one of the local Heating & Air Conditioning shops, if nothing else. I’m excited for this new life I’m making for myself, plus I am over the moon to get started on all our heating plus cooling unit coursework.

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