Glad I don’t have to worry about HVAC service

My  mother, two of my sisters and their two children, my wife and our three children, and  myself, all live in the same home. I am the sole breadwinner at the time. No one really understand how expensive it is.  I am responsible for all of the food and the clothing, both of which are very expensive nowadays. I also need to be make sure my HVAC is always in top running order, so that my family stays warm and comfortable.  I want to make sure my family always has good air quality, to keep them healthy and happy. Being the breadwinner, puts a lot of pressure onto me. Last week, I called the heating and air conditioning company to set up my maintenance.   The young man who came to my house was very nice and we were talking about the expense of the maintenance. He asked me why I wasn’t on the maintenance and repair plan. He told me that with the maintenance and repair plan, I would be saving money.  He would do all of the work that he was doing today, but it would be included with the maintenance and repair plan. I would basically be paying the same cost, but it would cover me for the next two years. I asked him if I could pay the plan and he could come back tomorrow.  He laughed, but he made a phone call. When he got off the phone, he handed me the agreement. I was signing up for the HVAC agreement, and his service was dated for after the repair plan was signed.