Good HVAC trip

My wife and I couldn’t have been anymore ecstatic when we booked a trip halfway across the globe… This was a big deal for us–neither of us had ever left the country before. The plane trips went smooth, plus both of us were able to make it to our Air BnB without any snags or delays. My wife and I were hit with a big surprise when when she and I arrived at the little house and checked into our room… We found out that in this country, they don’t particularly have any air conditioners installed in almost any of the residences at all!  But apparently it’s so moderate plus breezy over here, that they aren’t needed. This sounded crazy to me, at first. However after our first week I realized how nice it would be not to have to worry about having to pay the price heating plus cooling utility bill each week. I also noticed how much better sleep I was getting in this country than I did back at home. Our air conditioner component back at our condo is constantly waking me up while in the middle of the evening because its so loud plus obnoxious! Sure it’s not as cool as I want it to be here all the time, however it is nice enough. Plus I don’t have to stress about taking care of any bulking device once a week.  I think both of us would ditch our old home transfer over to this little paradise, if not for our careers plus our families back home.