Hate the level of a/c here

A few days ago, I was given a job that I could not refuse! I have been working as a dental hygienist in a  small hospital for the past couple of years plus I am very ready for a new job. I love the area I currently work at although I don’t gain much experience due to they are not that many patients that come in every morning! Most days the lot of us get around 1 or 3 people plus it is normally something very easy to do. However, I was given a job at the brand new, state of the art dental place that is opening a couple of towns over. I know that I will either have to transfer or make a long commute everyday, although I know it will be worth it in order to get experience working in the main dental room; The modern place I am in is so small that the heating plus cooling plan is controlled right by the dental hygienist’s station, that means that if I am too cold I can just change the temperature of the temperature control! When I walked into our first morning at the bigger hospital, it was chilly and very cold. It felt love the air conditioning was blasting plus the training room was about 50 degrees. I was shocked that no one else was worried about the blasting air conditioning plus the temperature of the room. I didn’t want to say one thing since it was our first day on the job.

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