Heater use on the walk

My wife and I went for a walk yesterday and had no idea how chilly it was actually going to be when we set foot outside. My wife didn’t even feel like she needed to put on a jacket. I warned her that it might be a little cold outside, but she insisted that she would be just fine without one. Not even halfway through the walk and my wife begins to shiver intensely. It was obvious that she was freezing. I decided to take my jacket off so she could wear it the rest of the way back home. At first she refused it, but I told her she needed it more than I did, so she wound up putting it on. She warmed up pretty quickly once she had the jacket on, but then I started to get cold. We wound up walking a little faster for the rest of the walk because I was starting to get to cold. I was so excited to get back into our house so that I could feel the warm heat of our furnace. I also remembered that I had just cut some wood for our fireplace, and I immediately wanted to start a nice fire. It was going to be so nice to have a fire crackling away in the fireplace while my wife and I cuddled up on the couch to watch some movies together. We could even order from our favorite Chinese restaurant and make for a great evening. I figured this was the perfect night for a fire since the weather was so shockingly chilly. My ears were starting to freeze I was so cold. We finally made it back to the house, and I quickly asked my wife if she could help me warm up my ears. When she touched them, she shrieked because they were so cold. I was more than ready to get that fireplace roaring.