heating in the gym

I have a gym membership at a very large and popular gym in town. The amount of exercise equipment that this gym boasts is impressive. There are also various classes you can do, including yoga. If ever there was a gym that was entirely decked out with everything that you could possibly need to get fit, it’s the gym that I’m fortunate enough to have a membership with. They even have healthy food for sale and a bunch of big, flat screen TVs. All of this is indeed great, but there’s just one issue. The gym owners don’t seem to take stock in climate control, at least where cooling is concerned. I’m not fibbing when I tell you that as large and well-equipped as this gym is, the air conditioning is not noticeable, even in the middle of summer! I practically have to lug along a gallon of ice water just to be able to make it through my workout routine and the warmth. I have brought this up to the owner several times, and it has become silly at this point. He will talk about how heat is better for a good workout, as muscles are nice and limber instead of being stiff if it were cold.The thing that I can’t even understand is that it would appear that I am in the minority when it comes to not liking there being practically no air conditioning. It’s as if all the other people in the gym have bought into what is clearly just the manager’s attempt at saving money on HVAC!

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