Heating needs are right around the corner

This is my all-time favorite time of year! Because I live in the South, I know that I will not need to use our oil furnace all that frequently, so I do not worry about the colder months like our neighbors in northern states probably do… When a chilly front moves in, I know Winter time is coming fast. I look at Winter time as a time of much needed relief from using the air conditioning equipment plus high utility bills resulting from constant air conditioning use. You see, where I live, it is just plain tepid for a majority of the time! For most of the year, I am forced to have the air conditioning equipment running; it is simply too darn tepid separate from it. The first signs of Autumn, that is usually a chilly front coming in from the Northwest, which is honestly cause for celebration around here. The people in our town prefer to go out plus purchase new boots plus jackets, but in all honesty, all I entirely prefer is turning the switch on our thermostat from the “cool” setting to the “off” setting. A majority of folks that I know entirely rush right into running the furnace, but I absolutely do not do that. The dry air from the oil furnace dries out my skin plus lips plus also contributes to my getting dandruff. I look forward to the time of year when I have neither the air conditioning nor the oil furnace cranked on, plus with the money I save on our utility bills, I am able to get something nice for our child for Christmas.

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