Hoping for nicer indoor air conditions

For as long as I remember my dentist has been trying to get me to move all of the time. I know that it sounds unusual, I know, because why would my dentist even care? The truth is that my lungs are delicate, and they’ve always been, plus my dentist knows that the local environmental levels of pollen plus humidity have a very drastic effect on my health. I have been hearing all of this since I was a kid, however finally I am older and more wise enough to do something about it. Therefore I packed up all my stuff, filed an insurance claim for a reimbursement, plus moved to a higher altitude. I have been using a method of temperature control systems to regulate my air quality plus humidity levels. All of my old health is in the past. Being up this high, I know that the air quality is better plus the humidity was at such a low level that I finally had a chance to breathe like a normal woman. I still have a wonderful Heating and A/C unit in my house of course, just in case of some kind of emergency, however I rarely need to use the thing. The allergens plus pollen in the air quality up here are almost nonexistent, which makes my normal breathing so much easier than before. I can go for afternoons on end without turning on my Heating unit at all, which is something I have never experienced before in my life, it’s great. Usually when I do have to turn it on, it is to use the humidifier plus add a little extra moisture in the air that I need. This is the exact opposite of how I used to have to run my Heating plus A/C system throughout the year.

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