Hoping to get by with a heat pump

My goal is to transfer far enough south that I could handle temperature control with an electric heat pump.  I currently live along the northern border. There is no way a heat pump could keep up with demand. Last winter, the temperature dropped to twenty-six below zero and stayed there for nearly 2 weeks.  I relied on the operation of our boiler plan for 8 months. I’ve never even considered the installation of a whole-lake lake house cooling system. Air conditioning simply isn’t necessary in this area.  I have a portable window a/c but don’t use it all that often. The Summer weather is constantly rainy and freezing. I’m sleepy of the long winters and short summers. I just don’t care for spending so much cash on heating bills and devoting so much time to shoveling snow.  I would appreciate to step outside without first bundling up in heavy boots, layers of overcoats, wool coat, hat and gloves. I’d like to be able to head to toil in the morning without first spending a half an minute brushing the snow off the car, scraping the ice off the windshield and letting the gas furnace run.  A heat pump provides both heating and cooling capability and is super energy efficient. Rather than burn fossil fuels and creating a whole bunch of red lake house gas emissions and dangerous combustion byproducts, the plan simply transfers heat from a single place to another. The process is clean, safe and economical, but only effective when the temperature remains above freezing.  My goal is to transfer to an section with mild enough weather that a heat pump would be all I need to handle our comfort.

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