How am I going to calm down

Judy and Jeff recently moved into a new apartment. The apartment is in an enjoyable rural city, without too much noise & with tons of scenery & greater places to eat. One of the best things is it’s close proximity to any type of service company.  Instead of a twenty minute commute to get groceries, mall or shopping, they are right near there. They save gas, plus gets lots of extra time in the day, and Judy enjoys spending the extra time at her house gardening. Jeff enjoys seeing the nature in the town each day as well.  But, they live in a warmer temperature, & it can get pretty warm where they are. Even walking around town will cause them to sweat by the time they get back home. The best part of the whole trip is walking back into the air conditioning of the house after being out in the warm sun.  Judy and Jeff both stand in front of the air conditioning vent & enjoy the cool air on their skin. On the last day of work though, upon returning in the home, Judy and Jeff opened the front door to find it wasn’t quite as refreshing as what they expected. The control unit was set to 65 degrees, however the temperature inside was over 75 degrees. Jeff went & looked over the cooling system, only to find it dirty & making loud sounds in order to keep up. Jeff immediately drove to his local Heating, Ventilation, & A/C provider and since they were almost right next door, they were able to come right away.

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