How interesting!

My best friend and I just moved into our first apartment. It’s a lot older than most other places, which helped to keep it in our price range. It actually has a lot of charm too. The fact that it’s older also offers a few amenities, such as an incredibly deep soaking tub, and a kitchen space with real tile! We also appreciate that the heating machine is a gas boiler! Natural gas is a single one of the most affordable forms of central heating, and my Dad consistently said boilers were genuinely reliable. On the day it was finally freezing enough to warrant turning the heat on, my bestie and I noticed her problem. Despite hearing all of the gas boiler radiators turn over with their typical array of noises, the one in her home office didn’t make any noise whatsoever. I went downstairs to check the boiler, and everything seemed fantastic according to the directions on the side. I even double checked the water level just to be extra sure. After a short while of this, I finally had to give up and called the property owner. He professed that he also didn’t know what the issue could be, and sent over a Heating and A/C technician instantly. In just a few hours, our gas boiler repair worker was at our residence. And he solved the problem in no time. We were so embarrassed! Apparently, when the property manager had resealed the radiators against rust and damage, he had painted over the steam valve. All the Heating and A/C technician had to do was reopen the hole with a small piece of metal to restore official air flow, and the radiator came back to life.

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