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Improvisation is perhaps the most useful talent that any adult can possess. While planning for the unexpected is good and well, plans require factors that are pre-determined, and, if you’ve been through a single inconvenient ordeal, you know that you can’t account for every possible scenario! I always have a good laugh when my coworkers – all of which are thorough planners – deal with exploding situations where their planning all goes to the wayside… That’s when I usually come in to save the day with quick thinking plus resourceful action. As some backstory here, I work as a purchasing agent for a supplier that distributes heating, ventilation plus air conditioning unit for businesses plus companies alike, and one morning, I came into the job to find that a truck carrying multiple deliveries to our customers (all of which were lontstanding heating, ventilation plus air conditioning businesses) had crashed off the road! The shipments included components for heating plus air conditioners, entire sections of ductwork that were pre-assembled for the customer, plus half a dozen ductless mini split systems that were on the way to customers for upgrade! It was a truly rough situation that no 1 could seem to figure out, but thankfully I knew what to do… Quickly, I called some of our vendors that supply products for us to sell, and I proposed drop-ship orders that would send products directly to the customers from their warehouse. Thankfully, most of our vendors were located in town, so they could send a delivery van with the products out to each customer! Our customers were so blown away by the dedication to customer service, that I was praised by name for my efforts to suddenly diffuse the situation, Although we took a financial hit, our PR had never been better!

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