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About six years ago, my husband and I decided to start saving money so we could add on a room to our house. OUr house was the perfect size when we bought it, but now that our family is growing, we are trying to grow our house right along with it! So, we are adding on a room to the back of the house. It will be a great room, a bathroom, and a small bedroom. We thought we finally saved enough money, but then discovered that the HVAC costs were much more than we thought. We forgot about the fact that we would have to connect to our central heating and cooling unit and add in all that extra ductwork. Then, the inspector camed and informed us our HVAC unit was not the right capacity for the extra square footage so we would have to not only get the new ductwork and air vents, we would need a whole other heating and cooling unit for the back of the house. I about fainted! I started to panic, but my husband made a smart move. He called in an HVAC company consultant to help us figure out what to do about a/c in the add-on room. It turns out we have a lot of different options; we do not have to do what the inspector said. That is why it is important to go to a qualified HVAC company for information. We have decided that we are going to use a ductless mini split a/c unit for our added on room!

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