I already know what this guy will say

My oldest sister has a truly cool and unique job. She typically buys homes in terrible shape and attempts to restore them. Recently she bought a tiny property that I thought would be the perfect fit for me at the moment, so she’s been letting myself and others provide our opinions on the renovation of the house. One of the first thing that she needed to make a choice on was the modern heating plus cooling system. The house had been left empty for so long that the old and broken down furnace was completely rusted out, also the walls had to be torn down as well. All that’s left is the foundation and a few studs. She has told me they are even installing a modern roof, i told her I had constantly wanted radiant floors, but I was distraught about the high price adding to the budget. This could raise the end price tag of the house in order for her to make some money on the house. She was excited to tell me about this modern heating system she had just heard about named an open direct radiant heater. This type of method uses hot water streamed through a series of tubes under the floor in order to heat the home, what make it unique  is that this same method which heats the floors can also be made to operate a water furnace thanks to the modern open direct unit. Combined with a superb water heater, the open direct radiant furnace can also run at even colder uncontrollable temperatures, so we’ll constantly be hot no matter how chilly it gets outdoors. Not only is this method more affordable than other types of radiant heater, however it also saves costs on the water heater. Apparently most folks don’t bother with it because it would be so hard to install on an old house.