I am feeling a little stupid

Working in the back at a retail store has its upsides as well as its disadvantages, however while sporadically it’s a blessing, it can also be an annoyance depending on the time period! See, I am the manager of a major retailer. I’m not much of a people person to be honest. I am really nice at faking it, but after many hours helping people out while trying to get our work down, I just get tired of talking. I come home from that as well as have to just unwind for a few hours before I have the energy to get anything done. So I told our boss to give me a few minutes in the backroom to help balance out. This way, I don’t need to schedule myself for less afternoons at work in order to stay somewhat relaxed. They agreed, yet not until the Winter. I was grateful to get away from the holiday crowds, however the backroom is super cold. The store only heats the sales floor–the back has no heating or air conditioning unit whatsoever, but every one of us laugh that 1 day something is going to blow up back here from the cold. And you can’t wear gloves, because the devices we use are touch screen devices. If I have a long enough shift in the areas with no Heating as well as A/C system, I will go to the freezer and steal one of their sweaters. It looks love a snow suit from our outdoor section. I always look deranged in it, but I don’t know any other way to stay comfortable separate from any proper heating. I had a space furnace once, unfortunately the store owner said it wasn’t safe and confiscated it later. At least I can listen to some podcasts as well as walk around to stay warm!

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