I am fine with this narrative

Many of the co-workers who are employed by this office will not be liking me so much come Sunday.  There are others who will be so glad I finally pulled the trigger on a long overdue issue. I am having a heating and air conditioning professional meet with me at 5:30pm Friday.  As everyone leaves for a long weekend, he and I will turn our attention to air flow. My business is a small IT firm with 17 people in one rather large area. Our office is really a converted historic brownstone mill.  I lease the top floor for the IT firm. We all have plenty of room, but must live with a single heating and air conditioning temperature setting. This is a problem for some. There are groups within the office who are pitted against one another for control of thermostat.  It has never really come to blows but, I have witnessed a confrontation and subsequent office walk out. There are for sure people vibing on each other over the temperature of the office. But if I’m being honest, that’s not even the tipping point. With all the thermostat yoking going on, the utility bills have gone off the rails.  And, trust me, the gas furnace and air conditioning cost of running this firm is a hefty percentage of the overhead. So, the time is now to strike. Me and this heating and air conditioning secret agent are slipping back into the office to rip out that thermostat. To kill a snake, cut the head off. My new heating and air conditioning company will then install a top-of-the-line smart thermostat.  No more forgetting to turn off the A/C over the weekend. No more walking out of the office with the gas furnace blasting. No more war for the thermostat. The heating and air conditioning service tech will program it for the most neutral of temperature settings. And, I keep the manual thermostat code in the depths of my soul.

smart thermostat