I called immediately for service

My Uncle Patrick lives out in the northwestern part of the country. Uncle Patrick has been in the plumbing company for a really long time. He pretty much swears that he’s seen everything there is to possibly see. My preferred story of his about his plumbing experiences just happens to also be the most alarming story. Uncle Patrick told everyone that went out to a task site once with the old plumbing service supplier that he worked for! He said that the homeowners were having a hard time with the shower in their master bathroom. In the very beginning, Uncle Patrick simply thought that this was like any regular clogging issue… But after genuinely working at the clogged pipe for hours, he still had no luck getting the clog cleared whatsoever. He noticed that there was a pretty bad leak spreading through the drywall on the other side of the shower stall so he cut out a small part of the drywall to take a good look at what was going on behind it. Uncle Patrick said that there was a fairly huge crack in the shower pipe as well as stuck in that crack was an enormous snake! Uncle Patrick let us know that he jumped back quite a ways as well as hollered pretty much like a little girl when he saw that snake in the pipe. And then, to make the situation quite a bit worse, a whole bunch of little snakes came crawling through the pipe after the huge one did! Uncle Patrick stated that he’s never moved in such a hurry in his life. He left all his plumbing tools behind in the bathroom, slammed the door, as well as jumped into his plumbing service van. He essentially told the homeowners to give him a call again later, once they’d contacted the wild animal control service!