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Growing up down south was actually difficult.  If not for air conditioning system I assume it would have been almost deadly at times.  This is because I suffer from flu symptoms and heat sensitivity. The air condition helped to filter out pollen and dust that would have caused extreme breathing problems and also lower the temperature and humidity in the house.  Once I was seasoned enough, I decided to relocated up North to try and escape the horrendous weather down south. I figured it would be better to deal with the snow and cold than to live, confined to our home, just to survive the never ending heat and humidity. The first few years were actually good and I was able to appreciate being outside more.  As the years have gone by, the summer time temperatures have begun to creep up and I almost know appreciate I am living down south again. This past summer time was the worst! We have average temperatures in the upper 76’s and almost ninety percent humidity on most mornings. Night time temperatures were only dipping into the 70’s and the humidity just didn’t supply us a break.  This is actually frustrating to me as I am now, trapped in the summertime and the Wintertide with our Heating and Air Conditioning system running. I had to purchase a new air conditioning system this past summer time and this was an expense that I was not prepared for. My flu symptoms have become worse as the temperatures have escalated and I know appreciate I moved for no reason.  After all, our main reason for relocation was to not have to live in a temperature controlled cabin year round, and now I have the same situation.

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