I can make sure this works

My mother told me that it is time to get another job instead of sitting around the house playing video games after leaving my last job, because in her eyes that was not going to work. I begrudgingly began looking for another one. Within a few days I had landed my first meeting for an interview. It was good to report my progress to my mother and get her off my back, despite the fact that I was dreading having to return to full time work. While waiting for my interview, I became freezing cold. I thought perhaps I was shivering because of my nerves, but in reality it was the industrial sized cooling system in the office. I was already anxious about my interview, now I was even more uncomfortable. During my interview, it was going great. I had great answers for all their tricky questions, but my mistake was when he asked me what I thought of the workplace so far. When he asked me that question, I slipped up and I was a little too candid, because I was annoyed by the cold. I guess I put it worse than I realized. I said it felt like the freezer aisle of a grocery store in here with all the freezer doors open. “Seriously,” I said “How does anyone get their work done in this meat locker.” They took this very poorly, and I don’t think I will be getting that job. Back to the computer to search job listings.

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