I can’t fix the air leak

I moved up north about two years ago, and that winter I got a true lesson in the nature of heating equipment. I lived on the southern coast prior to this, and I almost never had to turn on the furnace in my house. This was definitely not the case when I got a taste of my first winter season in my new locale. I was in for about three months of snow, so there wasn’t a time when I wasn’t worried about how well my heater was working. This was something that was on my mind all of the time because the gas furnace was what provided me with the comfort that I needed from the chilly weather. However, after a couple of months of living in this area, I knew that I needed to upgrade my furnace. I had many coworkers who used radiant floors, so this sounded like a good option to me. I decided to buy a home with one of these systems because I was told that radiant floors would save me money on my electric bills while heating the home in an efficient yet speedy manner. Now that I have radiant floors myself, I can speak from experience and regularly tell everyone how much I simply adore them. I don’t think that I could go back to a typical HVAC system now that I’ve experienced something so innovative. Heated floors make living in a frigid environment easy as can be. Now, I am rarely bothered by the the cold because my home can be as warm as I want it to be.

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