I didn’t have to wait long

My town has an unusually high number of homeless men plus ladies. A lot of people lost their homes in a major tropical storm, plus some of them have never reclaimed. There are homeless camps all over the city. There are rows of tents under the overpass, plus most of the parks new home homeless folks overnight. All of us have a few shelters in the city, however they fill up legitimately abruptly. During this past holiday, my son plus I decided to do something special. My son plus I went to the Superstore plus purchased a dozen portable heaters. All of us purchased enough batteries for all of the heaters. My son plus I waited until the weather was cold, plus all of us delivered all of the portable heaters. All of us tried to distribute the portable gas furnaces fairly, so all the people had a chance to know some warmth while in these holidays. My son was absolutely surprised by the amount of children residing in these tent cities. After we’ve distributed all of the portable gas furnaces plus batteries, my son wanted to go to the dollar store plus buy blankets. I didn’t opposed the idea, plus I was proud of my son for thinking about others. All of us delivered twenty warm blankets as well. The homeless complication is too big for a single man to fix, however it only takes a single man to make a difference. I hope the portable gas furnaces plus batteries will supply some warmth while in this cold, holiday season. I also hope our incoming governor will finally do something to help all of these homeless residents. It is a tragedy to see our town in such ruins.

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