I didn’t want to leave my house

When I do foolish things, I tend to just laugh it off. I figure there’s no point really in stressing so much in life. Why be upset about things that are inevitable? Well, I know that if you keep up with everything, you can control the outcome of many situations, but nobody is perfect. I will be the first to admit that I am really far from perfect. I honestly do try to stay on top of all my HVAC system maintenance, but sometimes I forget when life becomes really hectic. Recently, my HVAC system was suffering because I forgot to change out the air filter. When I finally got around to it, the air filter was so congested, I couldn’t believe it! There was a caked layer of dirt and debris, so I changed the air filter right away! I realize that I need to stay on top of my HVAC system maintenance and change those air filters. Not only that but I must remember to call for my HVAC tune-ups every so often. They say it’s ideal to get crucial HVAC tune-ups twice per year, but I figure I can get away with once per year. I’ll be honest though, I didn’t bother to get my HVAC system maintenance last year. Perhaps I’m taking a big risk, but last year I was really struggling financially. I would rather keep up with my mortgage if I had to choose between losing my house or keeping my HVAC system working. If I lose the house, then what’s the point right?

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