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Having an older loft made it strenuous to figure out air conditioning.  When our partner I purchased the house, it was already equipped with a boiler heating system.  There were radiators in every room, which worked fairly well. Despite the high ceilings and many, important windows, the two of us were able to achieve a comfortable Winter time temperature.  The boiler is lovely quiet, wash and energy efficient. However, it doesn’t give any means of cooling. With the size of the beach house and the intense heat and humidity of the summer time seasons, box fans weren’t satisfactory.  Although the two of us managed to cool our living room with a portable unit, the two of us actually hated the look of it. Our loft is located in the historic district, and it is important to us to maintain the integrity of the design and appearance.  Every one of us don’t have enough space within the walls to install the ductwork necessary for a traditional central cooling system. Every one of us were also uneasy about damaging the original plaster, floors and woodwork. Every one of us consulted with a local HVAC contractor, hoping for a solution to our cooling requirements.  The HVAC contractor recommended that the two of us install high velocity air conditioning. High velocity air conditioning utilizes a much slimmer and more flexible ductwork that inserts into the walls without needing renovation. The system pushes a fantastic deal of air at certainly high speed which cools the loft abruptly and maintains a certainly even temperature.  Plus the vents are a much smaller diameter and are available in a variety of styles. Every one of us are able to have a nice, cool beach house no matter boiling and humid the outside weather.

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