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One of the easiest ways to save currency on your new home is also one of the most wonderful, but while it’s simple to look at tinting windows or adding insulation to save currency on new home heating costs, most folks are lost on ways to save on new home cooling. But the best way to shave dollars off of your summer utility bill is to stop looking inside at ways to save, and start looking outside. If you have a patio or outside seating area, you should really consider adding an awning to the side of your home. House awnings are so simple to have installed, plus they come in every shape, size, plus color you can imagine. Not only does an awning offer shade plus comfort outside of the house, but it also creates comfort inside your new home, too. Those that attach to the side of your new home stop sunlight from entering that side of the house. This means that the awning is keeping the sunlight from heating up the house! That’s why one of the best ways to save currency on your electric bill each month is to install an awning over the side of your lake house where your kitchen is located. Eating areas are typically the worst perpetrator for A/C usage, as it utilizes heat all the time from cooking. By putting an awning up over that side of the house, you’re keeping out one more source of heat from a place that’s already getting too much. Awnings are also simple to purchase; there are numerous companies that are happy to help you make a analyze which type of canopy is right for you.

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