I felt sick

Having allergies can be very tough. Every since Jun was a child, she has had the worst allergies I’ve ever known anyone to have. As a mother, I don’t want my children to go through such things, and if I can’t help them, it breaks my heart. Jun’s allergies have persisted for so long. I have been to five different specialists about it, and none of them did anything except prescribe her medication that did not do much for her at all. I did give her the medicines just to help ease her suffering, but they were not enough. After much research, I found a doctor who has had great success in curing allergies in children, and he gave me many tips and some pointers as to what might be causing Jun’s allergies. One thing that he told me to do immediately was to purchase at least one air purifier for the house. After leaving his building, I went straight to the store and bought two air purifiers. I put one in her bedroom, and one in the living room which is in the center of the house. Sure enough, within that week, we began to see change in Jun. She had more energy, her nose was clearing up, and she wasn’t coughing so much. We continued to run the air purifiers constantly and after another three more weeks, her cough was completely gone, and she had more exuberance and joy than she had ever had before. I am infinitely grateful that we took the doctor’s advice and bought those air purifiers because they have changed my little Jun’s life.

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