I had so much fun

I knew things would be pretty difficult, when I started working at the police station. I was actually the first female officer in our Town’s existence. I always knew that I had the desire to be a police officer! Even when I was a young girl, I did not dream of princesses & fairies. I dreamed of catching the crooks & participating in car chases. When I was 11, I told my mom & dad that I was going to grow up & be a successful cop. I went into the military, & served our country for 6 years. While in the military, I served my post as a member of the military police. I really did think this would impress my fellow officers, but they only saw a woman in a uniform. During my first week, I was completely stuck with an old, dilapidated police cruiser. Two of the tires were almost all the way bald, & the air conditioning machine did not work. I did not want to complain, because I knew they would blame me for being a woman. I took the cruiser to my residence that night, & asked my boyfriend if he could look at the air conditioning machine. Even though the tires were bald, the air conditioning machine was easily my first priority. It was 92 degrees outside, & I am forced to wear a bulletproof vest & heavy uniform! Happily, my boyfriend absolutely fixed the problem with the air conditioning blower. At least I could have cool air conditioning while in the day, but my first few weeks at the precinct were absolutely a challenge. I took a lot of flack from those guys, but they eventually started trusting me.

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