I have a lot to take care of

A few years back, our friends asked me if I could spare an afternoon to help them shoot a movie. Intended to be many minutes long, they explained that the script was prepared, all device was set up, and I’d only need to say a few lines. In spite of our bashfulness, I decided I’d step into the spotlight for them. When I arrived on set that afternoon, it was quite the spectacle! Shooting inside an aged auto-repair garage with a barely functioning a/c, our friends appeared hot, exhausted and highly irritable. As the cameras and sound guy prepped for the shoot, I asked the key grip what was going on. “The undefined in this locale cut off in the middle of the night”, he explained. “The worst part of it is that the crew’s been here since midnight.” I couldn’t wrap our head around that, until I realized they were shooting for a 48-minute movie festival. The director, a single of our close friends, was trying to get ahold of the owner of the garage, attempting to coax a visit from an Heating & Air Conditioning repair worker out of the guy. While they had many box fans around the set, they couldn’t match the output of a central a/c. I had half a mind to call an Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance tech myself, just so we could shoot in a garage with great air quality. After many vain efforts to address the lack of air conditioner, we agreed to shoot quickly, and the fans had to be cut off during shots avoid picking up the sound of them running. Fortunately, the plot of the movie was about a kidnapping, so it worked to our benefit to look moderate and exhausted. I was cheerful to help our friends in a time of need, however boy do I hope they secure a set with better air conditioner in the future!

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