I know the house will be comfortable

My husband and I think we need an extra room in our house. We would want the additional room to be used as a family room with a television and a large sofa. We are looking at either adding a sunroom or an extension to the back of our house. Both options would probably work for our situation, but there’s so much to think about before we make our final decision. If we went with the least expensive option, we’d build a sunroom. We had concerns about not being able to run the ductwork from our HVAC system. We live in the southern region of the United States where we enjoy the subtropical climate. Not having a heater wouldn’t be nearly as uncomfortable as not being able to blow cool air. We began looking at other cooling options available to us. Window units seemed too bulky and ugly. We thought about a wall unit, but I really wanted the room to be mainly glass, to give us the feeling we were outdoors. A portable air conditioning unit or a ductless heating and air conditioning system might be better solutions. One day, I called my HVAC provider just to ask if building an extension, and utilizing our existing HVAC system, was possible. The air conditioning technician came to inspect our HVAC unit and the ductwork in the attic. He said that it is possible to use our existing heating and cooling system. Also, the HVAC repairman told us to make sure there’s enough room in the attic, when we build it, so he could run the new air ducts for us. We like the idea of using our existing HVAC system, so we are more inclined to build the extension rather than just adding a sunroom.

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