I know this couch will be great

It is important to me to always buy products which were totally manufactured within the United States.  Whether I’m purchasing a new car, furnace, air conditioning, shoes, or furniture, I check to see where it was built.  When it came time to remodel my living room and kitchen, I had some trouble finding American made furniture, draperies and accessories.  I was unwilling to invest in pieces constructed oversees of bad quality materials. The lightweight couch and table I found were built mainly of pressboard, and wouldn’t last more than a couple of years.  I finally started researching online, looking for superior standards of craftsmanship. I came across a custom furniture shop which offered a wide variety of products and services, including custom designed and manufactured house furnishings, bedding, and window treatments.  All of their pieces are created in-house, built entirely in their workshop and totally American made. I took advantage of a free custom design consultation and was impressed with the wide scope of possibilities and knowledge of the specialist I dealt with. She listened to my expectations, preferences and goals for the living room and kitchen and explained that I was going for a transitional design.  I didn’t even know what a transitional design was, but it’s the combination of traditional and contemporary furnishings and decor. Light and fresh, this type of design retains classic lines but incorporates new colors and pieces. My design specialist helped me blend textures with soft edges, select a color palette and enhance the overall elegance of the space. The balance of functionality, upholstered furnishings, and simple window coverings is absolutely perfect.  

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