I know this is smart

I live in a small football town.  Everyone here is obsessed with football.  All year long, people look forward to pigskin season as if the game gives them life.  I never legitimately understood this lifestyle, despite the fact that I go along with it because it is what my friends and family love doing.  About five hours before the game starts, everyone goes to the stadium to tailgate the game. They bring cars full of food, drinks and games to enjoy before the game.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is like; it doesn’t stop them. They will continue this tradition even if it is snowing outside. I consistently hated those games in the snow.  I would countdown the minutes until we could go inside the stadium and get some relief from the cold. The stadium is outdoors, and they have these amazing heaters that hang over the seats.  These heaters are literally life changing. They are so powerful that they can keep many rows heated. They only installed these heaters at particular places in the stadium. I memorized a few of those places and will only buy tickets for winter games if the seats are near the heater section.  My friends and family find it ridiculous, but I would rather be comfortable. I thought I was going to pass out from the cold one game and my fingers went numb. The heaters made all the difference. I felt much better afterwards. If it weren’t for those heaters, I would never attend a winter football game again.

heater tune-up