I know we need an air conditioner

I went to a horsemanship show recently at an equestrian center. It was certainly very hot, in addition, it was extremely humid! I went with a few other people and they told me it would be toasty however, I had never been so I wasn’t sure what to expect. There was a roof over the building but the pictures of the equestrian center online looked love there were big HVAC vents along the ceiling so I thought “how awful can it be?” I don’t know if the HVAC system was down or if it only has a heating system but it was certainly hot and humid while the show went on. Big ceiling fans kept the air moving but with everyone attending in addition to with the temperature outside, it was almost unbearable inside! Several of the horse demonstrations had to be shortened because the creatures and the trainers were overheating. I kept looking up at the HVAC vents to wonder why they were not pumping out cold air. I imagine it would take a certainly strong air conditioning to cool such a big space however I was sitting directly under 1 of the vents but couldn’t feel even a hint of air conditioned air. Before the end of the show, I was breathing heavy in addition to being covered in sweat. I can’t imagine how the performers must have felt. My group and I ended up leaving early, as did a lot of the rest of the crowd. I blasted the air conditioning in my truck the whole way home, and when I got home, the air conditioning in our apartment felt positively cold after our long, steaming morning at the venue.

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